HOW TO’S: How To Get Apple News On Your iPhone Outside The US

While it is no news itself that iPhone users outside the US are
oblivious of the fact that Apple has a dedicated news
application Incorporated with iOS platform. However, it is
pertinent to state that people in the category in the first
sentence are not totally to be blamed as the Apple News App
may not appear on their Apple devices home screen if they
reside in countries or regions outside the United States due to
regional restrictions.

Also, some iOS users in other regions outside the USA may ,
however, be aware of the Apple News App but can’t seem to
get it on their home screen, App store, or anywhere.

Today, Spunkwap brings to you how to get the Apple News
App on your iOS device without being in the United States.
Enabling/Getting the News app
To do this, you have to make your iPhone believe or think that
you are actually staying in the US.

1. Go to Settings > General > Language & Region .

2. Tap Region, scroll down to United States on the list and

3. Hit “Done” on the top-right corner and tap “Continue” to
confirm your selection.

4. Your homescreen should now display the News icon. Along
with this, Wallet is also enabled.

If you’re still unable to find the News App, a simple device
reboot should do the magic. You can also try out this trick on
any of your iOS/Apple devices; iPad, iPod.

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would really love to know? Feel free to request for any in the
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