How To Add Coloured Backgrounds To Facebook Updates

Facebook have rolled out a new feature
which really looks promising right from the
start. The new feature added by the social
media giants is “Coloured Background”. This
newly introduced feature will enable
Facebook users who post text-only status
updates to spice up their post by adding
background colours to their posts, thereby
making the text posts more visually
appealing, attractive and catchy. The feature
lets users select a color that appears behind
their text status in place of the boring and
cliche all white background.
The new colourful background on Facebook
status updates is an attention-grabbing
feature from Facebook. This will surely
unleash a totally new and entirely different
user experience on the social networking
platform as it is now clear that Facebook
text-only status updates without the all new
and interesting colourful background will get
the attention of very few or even no user at

This feature gives users the opportunity of
selecting a colour of their choice that they
would love to appear behind their text status
before it is being published. I guess this
update from Facebook will serve as a new
dawn and something much of a breakthrough
to users who have used and still using
uploaded images to draw the attention of
their followers and friends to their status
update. It’s time to give that attention
seeking technique a break I presume.

To use Facebook’s new colour-change
feature for posts,
1. Simply tap on the “What’s on your
mind?” status bar
2. Type whatever it is you’ve got on your
mind. LOL.
3. Choose a colour or gradient from the
choices that appear below your text.
4. Post your status.
5. Voila! Your coloured Facebook post

The coloured background feature is presently
available only to the Android OS platform.
However, all Android phones users need to
have the latest Facebook mobile app (version
106.0.*** and above) before being able to
post Facebook updates with coloured
backgrounds but will be visible to both
Android and iOS users. This feature will be
made available to iOS users soon enough.

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