How I Can Prevent A Website From Asking To Show Notifications

Unwanted notifications prompt could be disabled from
your browser. When you visit a website especially those
ones carrying news or shopping, you will see a popup
informing you of a notification to be shown on your
desktop. If the notifications are unwanted, just disable.


Most browsers, firefox inclusive do not ordinary disable or
prevent all web notification. To disable, type about:config
into firefox’s url or address bar and press enter. A warning
will be shown “be careful when using the about:config
page, as you could cause problems with firefox by
changing some settings.” Proceed by clicking “I accept
the risk”. The dom.webnotifications.enabled option that
appear. This will disable the web notification as it will
change the settings to “false”. This will cause all web
notifications to be disabled, this will cause you the
inability of choosing either to accept any notifications
from any website as all notifications have been disabled.

As for chrome, it is quite straight forward. Just click on
the menu button and select “settings” locate the
“advanced settings” just at the bottom of the settings
page and then click the “content settings” button below
Scroll down to the notifications group and select “do not
allow any site to show notifications”. One good thing
about chrome is that you can always allow different
websites to give notifications later. You can always
manage this by clicking on the “manage exceptions”
button here to give access to a website to give

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