Five Amazing Yet Unknown Things Your Smartphone Can Do


Over the years, technology have brought us
more than enough life changing products,
innovations and several other outcomes that
cannot be numbered. One of such life
changing innovation technology has gifted us
with is a device known as the “Smartphone”.
I’m very much sure that a huge chunk of the
world’s population own a smartphone and a
very large percentage of smartphone owners
have a very good knowledge of how to
handle one and use for some basic activity
like making and receiving call, surfing the
internet, taking pictures and videos, setting
alarms and reminders among others.
But today, we would be looking at some
functions of a smartphone that aren’t much
oblivious to a whole lot of smartphone
owners. Ready, set, go!


Smartphone owners can replace
their standard light switch with a smart
version such as the WeMo Light Switch. You
can get it done by Syncing it to your
Voila! You can turn your lights
on or off anytime, anywhere… even if you
forgot to turn the lights off after leaving your

You can also programme your lights to turn
on or off at specific times each day, as well
as set up schedules and triggers other
actions to turn them on or off. The Philips
Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Kit also lets
you gradually dim, brighten or even change
the colour of your lights.


With the Nest Learning Thermostat, you can
use the compatible app on your smartphone
to adjust the temperature away from
home. Nest also learns and adapts to your
schedule and emails you monthly energy
reports. Isn’t that amazing?!?


With your smartphone, you can measure the
speed of people or moving objects with app
such as Speed Gun (Android) and
SpeedClock (iOS) which are great apps used
in sporting events like baseball, football or
track and field.
Apps that measures the height and distance
of objects using your camera lens also exist.
Apps like Smart Measure Pro, while iOS users
can try Dot Measure Pro are available on
the Android platform.


If you own an Android powered smartphone,
the Google Goggles app lets you search an
image captured with your phone’s camera.
Famous paintings, products and information
on historic landmark can also be identified
with this app.


Several new age smartphones, such as the
Samsung Galaxy S7 and some other chinese
smartphones have integrated in-built heart-
rate monitors.
However, there are also apps compatible
with a number of smartphones that allow you
to measure your heart rate. Apps such as
the Instant Heart Rate and Runtastic Heart
Rate (both available for Android and iOS).
There you go. You can go ahead and try out
these techniques… we’d love to hear back
from you!

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