Did You Know That You Don’t Need To Unlock Your Android Phone Before Going Online?

Androids new feature “instant tethering” is very similar to
that on Mac and Iphone. It could be said that the idea
crept out from them. You can directly turn on tethering
from the device that needs it without you turning it on
from your phone. The way it works on various operating
system is quite different, when using an android device, a
notification can be seen when you are offline. Also, on
mac, you just need to tap the WiFi icon in the menu bar
and choose your iphone.

Via a single Google account, android devices are
connected, this process is most likely featured only on
android. For those experiencing internet instability on their
android tablet, be sure of getting an alternative
connection via this feature. It can send a notification
informing you “If you want to go online with your phones
Very soon, updates will be out as one of the great services
on Google play.
This great feature will likely hit the Nexus and Pixel
devices therefore, Nexus 9 and Pixel C tablets can get
connected via a pixel phone.But there is a limitation to
this great feature as the number of people using these
specific devices are notably small, but with little time the
list of supported devices will increase in order to balance
it up.
For now, Google has maintained a total silence on the
instant Tethering existence.
The possibility of setting up an instant tethering
connection is possible, since Google play and Android can
run on Chrome operating system.

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