China Bans The Use Of VPN’s In Their Country

The Chinese government have announced
the mass shutdown of (Virtual Private
Networks) VPNs in the country, making it
harder for internet users to bypass its Great
Firewall, according to a by the South China
Morning Post.

A virtual private network (VPN ) extends
a private network across a public network,
such as the Internet . It enables users to
send and receive data across shared or
public networks as if their computing devices
were directly connected to the private

The new rules by the Ministry makes it illegal
to use or operate a local VPN service
without government’s approval and require
all VPNs and leased cable lines operating in
China have a license from the government.
Still according to the ministry, “all special
cable and VPN services on the mainland
needed to obtain prior government approval—a
move making most VPN service providers in
the country of 730 million Internet users

However, the ban on VPNs and cable
connections would begin immediately and
will remain in place until March 31, 2018.

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