At last Twitter ends beef with Instagram and opens an Instagram account

Twitter is bent on using the photo sharing service to
enhance its services as a means of disseminating news
and other relevant discussions. In October, twitter
marketing campaign in collaboration with billboards and
digital ads is the latest platform which was unveiled on
Friday with little fanfare. As regarded by the drum, twitter
gave an exhibition of their tweets concerning the Oscars
using Instagram stories.

Twitter has refused to talk about its Instagram account.
Before now, twitter would have established a stay in
Instagram life but this was not achievable as Facebook
took off with the opportunity as it would have given twitter
another means to enhance itself due to reduction in its
In the beginning of the companies establishment, the
relationship between them was so close to an extent that
it almost led twitter to buy the photo sharing service, this
was intercepted as Facebook came in to buy Instagram
for an amazingly sum of $1 billion and this was the
genesis of the whole trouble. Not long enough, twitters
API used by Instagram to find Instagram friends was
blocked, afterwards, Instagram disengaged its
desegregation with twitter, thereby blocking photos from
displaying the feed.
Ever since, one of Instagram marketing channel has been
via Twitter. This was achievable as over 40 million
followers get to view posts of popular photos and news
about the app. Twitter is optimistic about its come back,
recalling up to 50,000 followers in its first week on the
platform. During twitters first few posts, twitter has made
use of imagery from its broader campaign, pairing twitters
iconic harsh tag with an event in the news.

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