Apple Will Now Allow App Makers To Publicly Respond To Reviews

Beginning with IOS 10.3, app developers will be able to
respond to reviews and its responses shall remain public
for other users to view. This was made known to
developers recently. Have you ever seen companies
respond below reviews on Amazon, if yes, this is very
similar to apple’s idea.

This also applies to MAC app store. Recently, reviews on
the app stores could not be replied directly by its
developers but communication was made with its users
via social media, emails and other sources.
The ratings and reviewing of apps processes have been
streamlined by Apple, you will be able to enter a star
rating seamlessly without being turned over to the apple
store, this will be made available to IOS 10.3 users.
With this, the review process is more-easier, and might
give more people the opportunity for more fee back.
Usually, the prompt “rate our app” which seem annoying to
users, but with this new approach, this will enable apple to
systematically hide these popups from those who hates
The release of apple first beta of IOS 10.3 was done
today; a new feature to help track misplaced air pods will
be added.

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