Apple To Introduce Group Calling Feature To FaceTime On The iOs 11

Apple’s FaceTime has been in existence for
up to a 7 years now and ever since, it has
only provided video calls support between
two parties alone. Despite this, the FaceTime
is one of the world’s most used video calling
application and platform.

Now according to a report emmanating from
Israel through The Verifier – a technology
blog out of Israel, Apple is about to drop a
game changing grenade that will further
increase the FaceTime’s usage and
acceptance. Still based on the report, Apple
is going to make available a group FaceTime
call feature of iOS 11.

The new version of the Apple operating
system (iOS 11) will most likely be unveiled
like clockwork, at the company’s annual
WWDC conference, which is usually held in
June. The rumoured group calling feature is
said to provide support for up to five people
at a time, and will be initialized through
group iMessage conversations.

So all iOS users, just keep your fingers
crossed for the iOS 11 sometime in June so
that you can use the Group Call feature that
will accompany the iOS 11 FaceTime.

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