WhatsApp To Release “Message Recall” Feature Before 2017

The number one and most popular mobile messaging app on the surface of the earth is in the news again.

Just when we thought we won’t get anything new or spectacular anymore from WhatsApp until the New Year, the messaging company is out to surprise us again. This time around, with a “Message Recall” feature in the next update to be released before 2017.

WhatsApp intends to make it possible for people to take back sent messages, both messages sent intentionally or by mistake. With the upcoming update, you can modify sent messages and re-send to the receiving party. WhatsApp, though may have taken the message recall idea from Gmail and WeChat, is out to change the mobile messaging world once again.
This new update coming from WhatsApp is highly applaudable and welcomed as it will give users more control over their text messages.

It would be recalled that the mobile messaging giants made the video calling feature available to users in November and according to report making rounds, the video calling feature has been used by 55.6% of the world population.

The video call update was offered to several mobile devices including iOS, Windows, and Android. However, some devices were left out of the video call update. These includes phones operating Android 2.1 and 2.2, Windows Phone 7, as well as iPhone 3GS and those operating iOS 6. Also, iPhones that haven’t been up-dated to the iOS 10 version will not be supported.

I personally can’t wait for this feature to roll out. All my text blunders, autocorrect fails and wrongly sent can finally be recalled! Thank you WhatsApp!
Ladies and Gentlemen, let the countdown begin!

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