What To Know About LG’s Levitating Speaker – LG PJ9

Once upon a time, when people were tied down with the wires
of their speakers, and movements were restricted.
We are now
in a tech era where anything and everything can connect
wirelessly, ranging from Bluetooth enabled headphones, to
smartphones to many other devices that supports the
Bluetooth service.

Now apart from just having Bluetooth enabled speakers, have
you ever imagined your speakers float in mid air, defiling the
laws of gravity? This is the entire concept of the Levitating
Bluetooth speaker.

So LG decided to surprise their fans and join the levitation

I would surely admire my gadgets levitate in the air for
no reason. It would be a very nice sight to behold.

LG Levitating speaker

The LG PJ9 is a wireless, 360-degree omnidirectional speaker
that levitates (Duh). It comes with a 10-hour battery life, with
the speakers actually floating back to its base as the battery
starts to run out. You also get an embedded subwoofer, an
IP67 certification, a wireless charge, and the ability to connect
to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

LG Levitating speaker
Though LG isn’t the first company to create a Bluetooth enabled levitating speaker, they are the first of such, amongst
their category of companies to launch such device.

While LG might not be too impressive with their smartphones
run, they can decide to make up in profits and revenue with
the production of other devices like this levitating speaker.

Recall that despite the Note 7 debacle, Samsung still reported
an increase in earnings due to strong results in their
semiconductor division.

Now, to the price of this ‘baby’, no price tag has been pegged
on it yet.

But below is another levitating speaker called the
‘making weather’ which features a big cloud floating over an
oval, plus the cloud rotates and has a sound reactive LED light
to create a realistic-looking cloud experience.

‘Making weather’ speakers

According to reports, the price of the ‘making weather’ is
around £2000 or more. So we can also expect the LG levitating
speaker to be a little bit less or above the earlier quoted price.

Reader’s corner; How much would you be willing to part with
to behold such a lovely sight?

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