Samsung Rolls Out Beta Nougat Update For Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Samsung has now started sending out another update for the the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge smartphone. Samsung is really taking OS update with these devices serious perhaps because it is their flagship devic. However, the Beta Nougat update only comes with some minor stability enhancements as a Beta update was recently released barely a week ago. The update is currently being sent out in the UK and South Korea.

But according to SamMobile, there seem to be quite bug fixes that follows the Beta update; “However, it is specified that the update fixes the intermittent rebooting issue, which we have faced on our handsets at SamMobile. As usual, this particular update is only sent out to the customers who are members of the Galaxy Beta program. This is a closed beta-testing program designed to weed out any flaws with pre-release software before a widespread commercial release”.

Transparency for notifications on the lockscreen is a particular noticeable change in the beta update. This simply means that your wallpaper will always be visible no matter how many notifications you might have.

Conclusively, the update is also available for the regular Galaxy S7.

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