AirPods Are A Runaway Success – Apple CEO

Of course it is no longer news that Apple removed the 3.5mm earphone jack on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This move by Apple is undoubtedly a smart “business” move, a move that’s likely to rake in millions and billions of dollars to Apple coffers.

As it is well understood by any smartphone user that the earpiece, though an accessory, is a very integral part of a mobile device; at least in the century we currently find ourselves in. With the situation of Apple removing the 3.5mm earpiece jack and most smartphone users not being able to do without one, this has created millions and millions of potential buyers for the Apple AirPods.

A CNBC reporter went recently asked Cook about Apple’s shortage of the company’s recently-released AirPods during a tour of the New York Stock Exchange with his nephew this week.
Cook called the accessory a “runaway success,” and claimed that Apple is making them as fast as they can.
The wireless Bluetooth Airpods were launched on December 19th after a two-month delay after being unveiled alongside the iPhone 7 and 7s in September An official reason for the two-month wait was never released by Apple.

The Airpods are powered by Apple’s W1 chip and also possess sensors that determine when the earpieces are in the ears. Background noise is eliminated through the use of beamforming microphones.

Interestingly, the AirPods connects with an Apple device in just one tap, a double tap connects you to Siri. The aforementioned W1 chip has a thirst for power, leaving users with up to five hours of usage from a single charge. Oh yeah, the charging case holds enough power to get you through a 24-hour period.

Now that’s one helluva innovation.
Since their official release, Apple users have continued to experience difficulty purchasing them. However, this statement from the CEO himself that Apple is making them as fast as they can is somewhat a thing of relief that AirPods shortage would be a thing of the past anytime soon.

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