How To Pay Or Receive Payments With mCash

If you're a small business owner in Nigeria, your customers can now pay for your goods and services if they don't have cash with them and if you don't have a POS machine. All you need is mCash seller code and customers will be able to pay you directly from their bank accounts into your bank account just by dialing a USSD code. A customer who wants to make payments through mCash, has to dial the universal mCash USSD code, *402*SellerCode*Amount# . Users are charged N20 per transaction through mCash for all transactions below N10, 000 while all transactions above N10, 000 cost N50 to both the merchant and the customer. Should transactions fail a resolution is guaranteed within six hours. how to get mcash seller code HOW TO GET MCASH SELLER CODE To get your 8-digit Seller Code kindly contact any of your financial institutions How To Make Payment With mCash Simply dial *402*SellerCode*Amount#
The Screen will display : •The Name of Seller •List of your Banks Select your Bank Input your PIN/Passcode If you do not have a PIN/Passcode, you will be required to register for a PIN/Passcode. Kindly note that you can use any mobile phone and it available across all Nigerian networks. How To Receive Payment With Mcash Register for mCASH with your Financial Institution You will be issued an 8-digit Seller code Paste the communication material that contains the seller code at your Pay Point in the clear view of payers NOTE: Always use the mobile number linked to your BVN for mCASH transactions

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